Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I hate people who complain

I dont really understand why people complain, if there is something wrong with you or in your life then why don't you fix it? But instead your sitting there complaining about whatever the minuscule problem is that you have going on. Stop complaining and go fix it, you can't just keep waiting around for someone to come and fix your dumb little problem, you have to fix it yourself. People who do that are so weak and disgusting to me. Pick yourself up and get it done, because by doing nothing you are not getting anywhere with yourself.

My Research Question

My topic for this informative essay is Human Trafficking. My question is how does this keep happening in the world and why hasn't bigger precautions been taken to avoid it? I picked this question because the answer is going to be the thing my essay revolves around. The types of experts I will need for this essay will be people who work in the field of human rights and criminal justice. In order to answer this question I need to learn how we can stop it. And in order to stop it we of course need to know how it is happening. Its so scary to think that there is someone in this world right now being stalked so they can be stolen away from their lives and families. Its also pretty messed up that there is someone out there who is considering kidnapping someone just to make a profit when they could just go get a real job like a normal person. I think this topic is something that isn't talked about very often and many people over look it when they shouldn't. An average of 1 million people are trafficked every year but all you hear on the news is about how someone was shot but didn't die and will still be able to see their family again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

End of the Semester Thoughts

As the semester comes to an end, I would say that I am happy with where I am academically. For the most part I am really on top of all of my assignments. The blogs are something that I haven't really kept up on mainly because I didn't know what we could write on and what would be considered an appropriate topic to blog about. I am excited to take finals and am curious to know what our final assignment is going to be in this class. This essay that we are working on now is going to be a good one (I hope) because my topic is something that I can find so much information on and is very intriguing to me so I am pretty confident that this paper is going to be one of my better ones. I just figured out what I am going to do today (human trafficking) and I am already thinking of all the ideas I can include in the essays and the main points I will hit on. Since this is such a serious thing that is going on in our world I am hopeful that I can find some really good sources with maybe some well known people.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Design Plan vs. Final Draft/process of WP#2

From the beginning, I felt confident in my essay and subject. Body language is something that has always caught my eye. Psychology and subjects related to it are things that interest me so nonverbal communication was something that I had heard of before and was just interesting to me, so I was fairly sure that my essay would turn out pretty well. The outline was easy, I figured out what I would do quickly because its just the body that is being covered and what different signs mean and how different things can affect you. My sources were really good also, I used the founder of the idea of body language and a social psychologist who also did a TED talk, in her TED talk she discussed the advantages of power posing and how it was something she had taken up when she first started school, along with the idea of "fake it until you make it". Her TED talk was very inspiring so I felt that she would be a good source. As I wrote my essay and organized more and more of it, I began to look further into the topic and discovered more about it that I hadn't originally known which was a nice little benefit. I felt that the process of writing my essay went smoothly and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reflection on Essay

At the beginning I wrote my essay right away and had it almost completely done, then through out the rest of the time that we have been working on it I have been adding in parts and tweaking it. The format that it has to be is slightly confusing and I am still working on the abstract. My sources could be improved on and more incorporated into different parts but so far my essay is coming along great.