Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cracked My phone screen

So yesterday I washed my Guinea Pig's blankets in my Dad's washer (which he doesn't want me to do but I do it anyway) and I didn't have enough time to put them in the dryer because I had to leave to come to school so I figured  I would dry them there. So I'm carrying this big bag of all of her blankets and my phone and my keys and my purse and I drop my phone right outside of my car. Now the screen already had a small crack in it before I dropped it so I was full anticipating on the crack growing if not turning into something much worse, which is what it did. I can no longer see my phone screen because of the pressure (I'm assuming) on the screen from it being cracked so I'm back to using my old Galaxy s3 until I can conjure up enough money to buy a "refurbished" phone online that isn't $600. I guess I'm just disappointed that it cracked because Androids are sort of known for not cracking and mine did. I have never met anyone with an Android that had a cracked screen so I'm pretty upset.
I was needing a new phone anyway, this one's keyboard would type random words and it was super annoying. Not that that is any reason to go out and completely get a new phone because I wasn't planning on getting rid of it until it was completely trashed but still.

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