Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dress Codes in High School

I gave my speech today on dress codes in high school and I feel like I nailed it. My professor (who shall remain nameless) felt that dress codes should be kept the way they are and my speech was on how they should be modified to be more lenient because if you think about it, how is wearing a tank top, in any way considered inappropriate? Not just in a sexual way but for school? You're going to school to learn, why is it such a big deal if you wear a tank top? Nobody should even be paying attention to that in the the first place because once again, you are there to learn. And here's something: why is it that there is a dress code in high school, but not in college? At some point, you are the same age that you are in high school that you are in college. So the argument that "your not mature enough" is 100% invalid.
And there's also the reason that "its distracting". If a student is distracted by the fact that they see another student wearing a tank top so badly to the point where they cannot focus on their school work, that is their fault. If they weren't raised in a family where they are taught to respect other people and their bodies by not obsessively staring at them then that is their own fault. The student wearing some "distracting" shouldn't be the one punished for it because its their body, so too bad for someone who doesn't have enough will power to keep their eyes to themselves.

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