Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pulic Speaking

I am a pretty outgoing person, I don't feel uncomfortable approaching people that I don't know or asking questions to a professor/teacher in front of a bunch of other people. You would think that based off of my personality that I would be a pretty confident public speaker but sadly I am not. I get nervous no matter how prepared I am and no matter how comfortable I am with the class I am speaking in front of. I think that it relates back to when I was younger, back when I was scared to even ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. I know that I am still not like that and I will never again be like that, but I think that that scared little person is still in me. That was my personality from the time that I can remember to my sophomore year in high school when I finally came out of my shell. I never get nervous when it comes to talking to large groups of people in a comfortable setting, but as soon as the setting turns professional I am uncomfortable. I don't exactly know how to break that nervousness but I am trying. I gave a group speech today that came exactly to 20 minutes and there were 5 of us. The majority of the people that are in the class that we presented in front of are very friendly, and I talk to the most of them but somehow I was still nervous.

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