Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ready for summer

I know that I am going to be working a lot, but I'm just excited to do something different. I'm excited for nice running weather because this right now is still a little cold for me to train for a marathon in and I despise running on treadmills so the nicer and hotter it is outside the better for me. I know that my boyfriend and I are going to be going to his Uncle's lake house in Michigan a lot too. His uncle's love us for whatever reason (or at least it seems like it) and they always have something fun going on up there. They have a boat and live right on Lake Paw Paw so every fourth of July since we have been dating we go up there and watch fire works on their boat. They live right next to a little bridge and its the perfect spot to set off fireworks and its super close so it always looks awesome. His cousins usually come with and they always act crazy which of course makes everyone laugh. Its just such a fun time when we're there. The only thing this year is that now I have Heidi (my guinea pig) and I'm almost positive they won't want her there so my Dad is going to have to watch her, but he loves her almost as much as I do so I'm not worried. The only thing is that he pets her really hard, I don't think that he realizes how fragile she is and I don't think he realizes how strong he is compared to her.
Oh well, either way this summer is going to be fun.

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