Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rant Session

So I'm back to using my old piece of crap phone which likes to restart itself every time I lock the screen so that's always a blast. My shoulder to my elbow hurts pretty bad and has been for the past month and I'm not sure what it is and I don't want to go to the doctor for it because the insurance doesn't cover all of it so I end up paying for the part that it doesn't cover and I barely make enough money to get gas and $5 every week and a half for vegetables for my guinea pig, AND I still have to pay $100 from when I got an ultrasound to determine that I have multiple cysts in my chest and upper rib cage. My dad has been asking me all these dumb questions which I know that I have answered multiple times before, like "when do you have school". I have had the same exact schedule for about 4 months now and for some odd reason "Tuesdays and Thursdays" can't seem to find a permanent spot in his brain. And on top of all of that my boyfriend asks me if I want to go with him directly after he gets off work to go pick up a cap for his truck and that I need to be ready because its an hour away. So I completely rush through my dinner and do everyone's dishes just for him to say that his dad is now going to go with. Okay thanks for telling me that before I ran around my house like a maniac trying to make sure that I will be on time for him because of how much he stressed that I need to be ready just for him to cancel on me. And now, when I'm trying to relax and just lay with Heidi (my guinea pig) in my bed, what does she do? Shit all over the place. Ya know, why not?
Probably just overreacting but whatever, one annoying thing on top of another on top of another makes for an irritation filled day.
It's actually pretty funny because if you scroll down, one of my blogs is "why I hate people who complain." And here I am blogging one giant complaint.

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