Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Student Union at Lewis

I personally feel that the student union could be changed a lot if not completely. The space now is just a random space that doesn't seem like it has a specific purpose. There are way too many couches that look disgusting and every time I am in there they are not being used. The same way with all of the tables with chairs. There are 5-7 tables there for students to work on homework assignments or just hang out but those never get used because students do it on the couch. The floor is the original floor from when this building was first built and it looks like it, it is completely scuffed up and there are imperfections and blemishes everywhere. I feel that it doesn't have an "aura" to it, so people don't exactly know what to use it for. Is it a place to hang out with friends? Or is it more of a library scene? The room would be used much more if there was a specific purpose for it because then people would be much more comfortable using it. They should transform this are into something more interactive than the library, but more low-key than the den. Students should feel comfortable enough to go there and do homework and hang out with friends. A coffee bar would be a good idea, and I also think that it should be open 24 hour, the library closes at midnight and the majority of the students that I know that live here do their homework later than that, and if they need a printer and don't have one in their room and are too busy to get to the library during the day, they could just go to the student union and feel 100% comfortable doing their homework there.

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